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If you are traveling with a little one, you definitely will want to know about Baby’s Away. They carry a full line of baby gear and have over 30 location nation wide.   Everything from cribs, to high chairs, to strollers to car seats as well as toys and beach gear. This came in handy when I was visiting my mom in Florida for two weeks. There was no way I was going to have Luke sleep in bed with me for that long.


Baby’s Away delivers, sets-up and picks up any and all baby gear for a fee and their daily or weekly rental are very reasonable. They gave me an extra day for free and when the pick up schedule didn’t work, they allowed me to have the crib an extra 2 days at no charge.  It’s easy to schedule and people are super nice.

We all know traveling is hard enough these days, double that with a baby or toddler so save yourself the trouble and check out Baby’s Away for your next vacation, it’s well worth it.




Oh no is it potty training time already? Experts say you should start introducing your child to the idea of potty at age 2 so like most parents, I’m not really looking forward to it.

The first step is to buy one and just keep it around so your little one will get use to it. Talk to them about it, have them get comfortable with it being around. This all happens before they even contemplate actually doing anything in the potty.

So I started to shop around and research for potties. The one I got was “Primo 4-in-1 Soft Seat Trainer” on Amazon for about $30 but the prices ranges from $25 to $35. I liked it because it has a removable seat that you can use for your bathroom toilet when your toddler is ready to use the bigger potty. You can also bring this with you to keep training going when you’re traveling.


I also liked it because it has a lid. Luke likes to flip the lid whenever he sees mommy doing it. And he sits on it when mommy sits on her potty. Now I just have to get him to actually go in the potty – hmmm I wonder how long this will take.

If you want to get really fancy about potty training, there’s the “Safety 1st Talkin Tunes Potty Trainer” which makes a flushing sound, plays music and can record a parent’s message for encouragement. Costs about $25. Oh the things we will do to make potty training easier.


The “Prince Lionheart Weepod Basics” is just a super simple toilet ring if you want to go straight to having your toddler sit on the big toilet. It’s very soft and has dual suction cups for firm attachment. Cost about $15


Whichever way you go, there are a lot of choices and almost all potties come with stickers to praise your kids when they actually do go.

Good luck and have fun if that’s at all possible.




No my son is not a girl.

I got that a lot when I put the amber colored teething necklace on Luke. Friends had told me that these necklaces help when your child is first teething, something about the Baltic amber that contains “natural analgesic” called succinic acid. When a baby wears the necklace, his or her body heat then releases this magical chemical from the gem that seep into the skin and helps with inflammation of the gums as well as drooling.


And truthfully who knows if it really works but I did notice my son was drooling less once he wore it. For approximately $15 on Amazon, I thought why not. And I got a lot of compliments, I think people thought I was a hippie momJ

In the end, it really can’t hurt, so check it out and make sure you get Baltic amber.




For many centuries, mothers have carried their babies in some sort of sling. Not only is this great for moms to be able to have their hands free but really it’s about ultimate bonding time with your baby. When it comes to carriers, for the most part they all serve the same purpose to safely and comfortably carry your little one. Some have more pluses than others but what I learned overall is my son absolutely loved being in the carrier.


Everyone told me to get the Ergo but it was super expensive so I opted for the cheaper Lille which turned out great. I liked it because it had head support that I could use from newborn age that the Ergo didn’t. While the Ergo looks nicer and neater, the price difference couldn’t really justify me buying an Ergo. The Lille is about $40 cheaper.

I started facing Luke outward pretty early on as he didn’t seem to like being faced in, even at three months. I got the most use out of this when Luke turned 6 months and the weather was warmer. With all the NYC stimulation, when I placed him in it, he laughed and cooed and waived to everyone.   Not only did my son enjoy the carrier but so did New Yorkers. People would stop me in the street and talk to him and it was great. I got some great parenting advice tooJ

I also got some much needed and great exercise. The stroller is always easier but I found the carrier to just be such a great source of stimulation and joy for Luke. I used it up until he was 15 months. Now that he’s walking, he’s not as interested. I know some mothers don’t really use it much but I think it helps your baby to be more social and open, well who knows but we loved it.



I don’t like promoting too much TV for my son but I do think there are some great TV programs that are educational and creative for your baby to enjoy.

Little Baby Bum is pretty fun.  It has colorful 3-D animations in HD with traditional nursery rhymes as well as some original songs.  Your baby can learn his ABC’s, numbers, colors and even how to brush his teeth and go potty – that one is hilarious.


Created in 2011 by London born Derek holder and his wife in an effort to design not just your ordinary nursery rhymes but ones that really come to life on the screen.  With oversized heads and eyes and colors that are really bright and rich, your baby is sure to be mesmorized.

I admit, there are times I’m sooooo tired, I just need Luke to be still and chill out, so when I put Little Baby Bum on, he is entrenched and doesn’t take his eyes of the screen.  At 9 months, he now rocks and swings his legs whenever some of the familiar songs he likes comes on.

He always smiles when the Panda character comes on, it’s so cute. about-meetPanda-1


Unfortunately, LBB is not available on DVD, only on YouTube and if you subscribe, you can avoid all the commercials.

You can also check out Laurie Berkner who has a folksy approach to her songs and sings about pigs being on her head and dinosaurs stomping around the earth.


There’s also a ton of rock/pop stars who have turned their music into nursery melodies like Cold Play, Madonna and The Beatles.


If you want your baby to enjoy something fun and educational or let’s be honest, you need a “mommy” break, I recommend Little Baby Bum, it’s like a fun acid trip for your little one:)




Bottle, breast, bottle, breast, help my baby is confused!

If you are breastfeeding and supplementing with formula like I did, you probably have experienced the “nipple confusion” that my son Luke experienced. He would get frustrated both on the nipple and with when taking from the bottle. He would pull away or use his hands to grab at my breasts. Many times he would just cry.comotomo-bottle-hero-2160x1200

The lactation experts at NYU told me this is common and is due to the inconsistency of not just the amount of milk coming from either your nipple or whatever bottle you are using but the nipple texture and form itself.

While no product out there will ever measure up and replace your breast, I found the Comotomo to help in having my son be less frustrated with the transition. For about $10.00 (prices vary depending on where you get it), the bottle is unique in that it is created entirely from silicone. It’s ranked third in most innovative baby bottle.

The bottle itself is soft made out of BPA and phthalate-free medical grade silicone so it’s safe to boil. Only con is the measurements are a bit hard to read.

Give it a try, it helped me and my son with the back n forth.